Have you ever felt that dreamy, peaceful state of complete psychological relaxation, where your mind is free to roam, unhindered by the environment, or more importantly, your own conscious ego? Occasionally, I experience this state just prior to fully waking, but with hypnosis, access to this subconscious state is limitless. Under the expert and professional guidance of hypnotherapist, Ken Holt CH, I have been able to explore areas of my brain, including years of repressed memories previously unavailable to me. The expansion into the subconscious especially during a particular treatment called “Five Path” has freed me from deep rooted anger and angst, allowing me to forgive, reconcile emotions, and move on.

As I live 350 miles away from Ken’s office, I originally had reservations about the efficacy of hypnotherapy via Zoom, but after the first few minutes of our initial session, the doubts melted away. During the virtual sessions, it feels like I am literally in Ken’s presence from the comfort and convenience of my own home.

I would, without hesitation, recommend hypnotherapy with Ken. My goals to sleep better, be more productive, and suffer less from headaches have all been realized, but what has really been amazing is how my rutted ways of thinking have been transformed into new and fresh paths to peace, strength, focus, and motivation. Like all things worth attaining in this life, hypnosis takes work and commitment, but with Ken’s expert facilitation and encouragement, hypnotherapy will yield positive results for you.

Sherrie McNeil, Ojai, CA.