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I can help you make lasting changes.

Hello! My name is Ken Holt, CH. I am a resident of Nevada City, CA. and a certified Master Hypnotist working from my office for both in-person and remote hypnosis sessions. Click the Free Consultation button to get started. 

In this day and age of Modern Hypnosis, now accepted by the mainstream for personal work because of its efficiency and effectiveness, proper training in a systematic method is a must to get long lasting or even permanent results. That’s why clients choose me.

Right? You don’t want to leave the office feeling good just for a little while? You want full integration of the changes that have taken place for permanent results. That’s why you came here! This is always my goal for every client I work with at Kenoma Professional Hypnosis.

I help people with the hard stuff even when nothing else has worked

Living fully, with faith, is the most important prerequisite to knowing the sympathetic connection between yourself and others. And this is where bringing a client to wellness and wholeness begins: By intuitively understanding the client’s individuality, someone who is completely unique, and knowing how and why to apply the techniques of hypnosis specifically to that person. 

My extensive 5-PATH® hypnosis training, combined with a rich life experience, makes me qualified to help you to make the changes you desire.  

ken holt in downtown nevada city

Hypnosis Certifications

Certified Master Hypnotist
Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist
Certified 7-Path Self Hypnosis Teacher
Member of The National Guild of Hypnotists

Jungian Depth Psychology & Gnosticism

Member of the Gnostic Society of Los Angeles. Attended hundreds of lectures and participated in various classes related to Gnosticism, Jung, Kabbalah, and Tarot.

Frequent visitor of Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz and Krotona of Ojai.


Self exploration led me to embark on writing my life experiences in quasi-fictional form. During this period, 12 of my pieces were published by multiple independent press organizations (plus three reprints). This includes being nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize: In 2017, for my short story And With it Left the Rain Song; and in 2018, for my novella The Cups That Hold.

Film Industry & Business Experience

ken holt in 1980

I began loading lighting trucks at 12 and went on my first film location (El Paso) at age 14. I officially began working with motion picture lighting crews when I was 16, while being paid as an extra. My dad claimed he had a fake birth certificate for me! To this day, I still don’t know the truth.

I worked in the film industry for over 20 years, in dozens of countries and multiple states. I was a popular Lighting Gaffer who eventually went on to be a Cinematographer on high end commercials and music videos.

ken holt camera operator

My lighting truck was always busy. It was there that I first got a taste of running a business, which led me to open two successful event businesses servicing elite weddings, parties, and photo shoots. The world of events helped me stay closer to home while I raised my four kids. 

Fun Facts

clyde kennedy

I was raised in Southern California by a mother whose father was an internationally known and highly respected equestrian trainer and judge. That’s right, Clyde Kennedy was a leading presence in the River Bottom of the San Fernando Valley during what insiders say was the golden age of the modern horse world.

In addition, he worked on countless films doing stunts that no one else dare try, there are pictures of Clyde Kennedy jumping cars with his trusted horse Tucson Gray, even handsfree and bridleless. And even though many have tried to take credit for it, it was actually Clyde Kennedy (youthful and slim in that day) who doubled Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

My father, Gary Holt, was an all-city gymnast whose main event was the high bar. He would train my sister and me for weeks on end before our annual field day competition at school! It turned out we did pretty well at those games.

He went on to be one of the most requested Lighting Gaffers during his tenure in the film business. A highly creative individual, Gary developed many of the soft light techniques that are now standard in the industry. He ended his career as a Cinematographer, one of the very first Gaffers to successfully make that move in feature films. My dad worked on close to 100 movies.